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Design World-Changing, Sustainable Products

In this online certificate program, students will learn how to design, prototype, and launch new product ideas. By learning the process of design and the use of current digital tools, students will understand how to create potential solutions to problems now and in the future. Students are encouraged to design with personal, social, political, and ecological goals in mind. Course projects will explore additive manufacturing’s potential to create breakthrough products by materializing your ideas into physical prototypes.






$2,925 total


Total Courses:



Course Length:

9 weeks


Who Should Enroll

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Designers in all disciplines
  • Anyone looking to actualize an idea into a physical product
  • Anyone in the manufacturing field

What You'll Gain

  • The Step By Step Design Process
  • Understanding of Sustainable Materials + Manufacturing Methods
  • 3D printing (additive manufacturing) process
  • Knowledge of historical product design precedents
  • Post-processing and DIY making techniques
  • Basic CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software demos
  • Crowdfunding, branding and marketing basics
  • Knowledge of product packaging and shipping

How You'll Learn

  • Engaging video lectures and interviews with industry experts
  • Direct interaction with faculty practitioners at the top of their fields
  • Online collaboration in small classes, supported by video conferencing
  • Project-based learning focused on developing real-world skills and portfolio assets


Students are advised to complete courses in the order in which they are listed below.

Students will learn the design process step by step, including the way we make things, the materials we use and how to apply this knowledge to new product ideas that solve problems. While referencing design history precedents from the Industrial Revolution to today’s Material (R)evolution, students will work through hands-on projects and review product case studies.
In this hands-on course students will learn how to develop and refine their product designs. By learning rapid prototyping methods, students will learn how to prepare ‘appearance models’ using 3D Printing combined with more traditional techniques. Students will be given software demos of industry standard programs and learn how to draw basic 3D CAD models and send them to get 3D printed and/or prototyped in other methods.
Students will learn the importance of strategically branding their product, understanding cost effective ways to create a website, and learn why a social media presence is essential. From there, they will conceive the products packaging and shipping in a sustainable way. Finally, students will learn crowdfunding options for bringing their product to the marketplace.

“The idea behind this certificate [is] to design products that the world actually needs, that solve problems sustainably.”

Matthew Hoey, Parsons faculty, certificate coordinator and practicing industrial designer/architect


Why The New School?

The professional landscape as we’ve known it has changed dramatically, and ongoing learning is more important now than ever before. At The New School, we champion every student’s creativity and growth. By combining integrated disciplines with collaborative problem solving, we deliver an immersive, transformative learning experience. With the leadership of Parsons School of Design — a globally top-ranked design school — our faculty imparts the critical expertise students need to advance their careers or pivot to new ones in a constantly evolving world.